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Book 1: “Two Trees”
(Based upon the legend of the "Two Trees")

Nicolo Paganini

Paganini's "Cannon"

Vincent VanGogh's Starry Night

Two Stradivaris (left) The Luthier's (right)
in New York

Stradivari (top)
The Luthier's (bottom)

The Luthier's violin shop is just beyond view

Samurai armor

Samurai sword

Violin wood hanging from the ceiling

Mr. Edward's Model T

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on this website.

Buffalo nickel

varnish drying

Book 2: Choice of Loves
(The Book of Honor)


"Steve," while serving in Vietnam, US Marine CORPS photo

"Steve's" platoon
("Steve" is top left)

"Steve's" squadron
(bottom center)

The Barrett 82-A1

Varnish ingredients
(amber, dragon's blood, linseed oil, tobacco)








The trailer house

15 minutes after the match was lit.

"The enemy is dead."

The Luthier's father, and his roadster for figure-8 racing

Breaking his neck
(the second time)

Shekels of Tyre, or
“Pieces of Silver” from the time of Christ

Mites or
“Widow's Mites”
from the time of Christ

A "stray" granite boulder, from the "Bone Guys" game

Book 3: Clay Angel

Original Jacob Stainer violin behind glass

The “Clay Angel” violin

The “Clay Angel” violin

Book 4: (Coming Soon.)

The two condors

close up


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