Choice of Loves
(The Book of Honor)

Can a violin made from the remains of a sunken pirate ship reclaim an “unsalvageable” soul?

Mary Anderson has "saved herself" while looking for the perfect man: her knight in shining armor, Prince Charming and Superman, all wrapped into one handsome package. At thirty-seven, she's still desperately clinging to her dream when she looks into the eyes of "...a drunk, sleazy guy in black leather..." and must decide between her principles and the passion of love at first sight.

Steve Miller is a lone, desperate man, living what many would consider a worthless life. Neglected and abused as a child, he grew up to be one of the toughest Marines in Vietnam. Now, haunted by his past, he begins his search for the greatest father in the world and orders a master violin.

A story about rising above...

...against all odds.


Copyright 2010 Kevin Lee Luthier