What Every Violinist Should Know.

Secrets, Tidbits, etc.

What to look for (and look out for) when purchasing a violin.

Violins start around $29.95 (including a case and a bow) and go well into the millions.

Make sure you get what you pay for.

The questions to ask before purchasing a new “master” instrument.

The simple art of winding pegs and adjusting them for easy tuning.

How to find and eliminate “Buzzes”

Other links and photographs will be added as soon as possible, including:

Adjusting the bridge.

Adjusting the "setup" and sound.

Emergency "tricks."

How to tell copies, fakes, and forgeries from the real thing.

Getting the most out of the instrument you already have.

Getting the most out of your bow. (There may be more there than you think.)

Putting "life" into your music and getting more life back out of it.

This page is just beginning, please check back.

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