Master Violin Cases by Kevin Jonathan Lee

For musicians and collectors who wish to own “the finest ever made.”

The "ultimate" in tradition and technology.

The ultimate in strength-to-weight ratio shells utilizing the latest military and space technologies (5-10 times stronger than plywood or carbon fiber cases of similar weight.)

Regardless of other 'claims' these are, by far, the strongest, most protective cases in the world.

·Hand-tooled and embossed leather

·Three locking latches + three stop hinges

·Wide spaced feet on bottom, end and back

·D-rings on all four corners

·Padded leather handles

·Dual side, extended adjustment carrying strap

·Large music pocket underneath for much greater stability

·4-point padded suspension

·Multiple padding and insulating layers

·Reinforced, overlapping lips (upper and lower)

·Large accessory pocket(s)

·4 spring-detent boxwood / ebony bow spinners that won't pinch even the finest bow hair

·String tube, hygrometer

...and much much more

weight= approx 7 1/2 lbs (including removable strap, end handle and padded silk cover)

Options include, but are not limited to:

·custom leather embossing and paintings

·silk duppioni interiors / tapestries

·gold (any carat wt) or silver latches, hinges, handles, etc.

·hand-beaten gold and silver overlays including precious stones, ancient artifacts, etc.

·special "themes" similar to those mentioned in "The Luthier's Diary Series."

The standard (large) music pocket is located on the bottom of the case for greater stability and a more “dignified” appearance on top.

Even the “standard” case has “everything” most musicians have always dreamed of.

Because every case is hand made, custom interior layouts are possible (including instruments with “unique” sizes and shapes).

Use your imagination...

Master Violin Cases start at $5,300 and are well worth the price.
(I apologize. At present, violin and viola cases are currently back-ordered and I am not taking any additional orders except with the purchase of a master instrument.)

The finest violins (and their cases) are made in Tolm...

From Ortelius' "Threatre of the World," 1570.

The shop is located outside any city limits in the American Southwest in an area historically known as Tolm.
(Approximately 120 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada / 18 miles northeast of St. George, Utah)


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