Passage to Zarahemla

by Chris Heimerdinger

Filmed in the violin shop and valley mentioned in “Two Trees,” “Choice of Loves,” and “Clay Angel”

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Chris Heimerdinger and I met over 15 years ago in the “most affordable” neighborhood in the Salt Lake valley (Chesterfield). We both had our individual dreams (his: to become an author and produce major motion pictures based upon his novels / mine: to become a Master Luthier), and our careers have paralleled each other ever since. When Chris asked if he could write a book that included my violin shop and valley and eventually shoot a movie, I couldn't refuse.

The film crew arrives at the violin shop. (The vehicles pictured here are just the beginning.)

Setting up the camera.

Getting ready to shoot at the violin shop.

Moving down to the house in the valley

Front porch, ready to shoot

Setting up the “dolly” in the valley for action shots

A “fissure” in the earth (by Gary Sivertsen and Kathy Crandall)

A Nephite (Moronia Kanekoa) in the front yard.

Gadianton “Ogath”
(Chris Laird)

Gadianton “Shemish”
“Kyle Reyes”

Gadianton “Kush”
(Sila Agavale)

Gadianton “Bakaan”
(Michael Christian)

Believe it or not, this is
Chris Heimerdinger (as a Gadianton slave).

Yes, it's really this busy...


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"Two Trees," by Kevin Lee Luthier

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