Passage to Zarahemla”

The Movie”

by Chris Heimerdinger

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Filming at night

The “green screen” at the house

Not an unusual sight, in the valley.

More Gadiantons

The “blue screen” for rolling into the jungle.

Our kitchen table on a typical day (minus a few people)

Our bedroom

Dave Seely, (my daughter Tessa's father-in-law) still smiling even after his mustache was shaved off.

Shaving Dave's head

Dave rehearsing his part. (His skin was a lot redder when they actually filmed him later in the day.)

The four Gadianton body doubles: Trevis Cullen, Dave Seely, Shayne Cullen, Damien Simpson

The fire.
(Started by a hot smoke machine used for special effects.)

The fire chief placed a pressurized fire truck between the fire and the violin shop. (I was truly grateful.)

This is where the small shed in the movie once stood.

Around the bend.

Further up the hill.

More remains of the day.

The Horse Tree (not shown in “Passage to Zarahemla” or hurt by the fire yet still pretty “neat”)

The head of the horse tree up close.

Setting up the shot where “Colter” falls onto the hood of the car.

Chris Heimerdinger, ready for the crash scene

The crash. (Sorry I only got this one shot, but it happened pretty fast and the movie camera got the best angle. You'll just have to watch the movie!)

The Cadillac driving out of the pit under its own power.

What a great car!
(This is the same Cadillac that Sheryl flipped on its side in the valley.)

“Julio” the Gila Monster ready for his acting debut.
Note: This is a trained professional from the state of Utah, Gila Monsters are very, very venomous!

Young Kiddoni

Young Kerra



Ryan “Ped” Pederson. The last to leave and even though there were many, he was the nicest, most considerate of them all.

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