Paganini's Violin “The Cannon”

("il Cannone")

A violin made by Joseph Guarneri, Del Jesu, 1743
(The most valuable musical instrument in the world.)

There have been many legends through the centuries;
Some tell of trees with souls, others of music that can change people's lives.
This is one of those legends that you can hold in your hand.

Kevin Lee Luthier wishes to thank the city of Genoa, Italy for their
diligence in preserving this valuable masterpiece and for taking
the time to allow these photographs to be taken.

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Section 1: Paganini's Violin “The Cannon” Full view

Paganini's Cannon

Section 2: Paganini's Violin “The Cannon” The Scroll

Section 3: Paganini's Violin “The Cannon” Additional Views of Body

Section 4: Paganini's Violin “The Cannon” Up Close

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